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Carry-in/carry-out trash policy in effect.

Do's and Dont's

Do bring your 4-legged friends, on a leash, if they are well-behaved in public. However, pets are not allowed in the Pavilion due to state and local regulations.

Don't leave their calling card on the grounds.

Do bring a tailgate picnic and cooler with beverages.

Don't bring a keg, or leave your trash on the polo grounds; carry-in, carry-out trash policy is in effect.

Smoking is tolerated as long as it is not in the immediate vicinity of others, and the butts are not left on the grounds.  

Grilling is tolerated as long as the coals are not dumped on the grounds and as long as the grill has a stand to elevate it off the grass high enough not to burn the lawn.  Burned lawn does not grow back until next year at best.

Visiting the Pavilion

Do visit the Pavilion Patio Bar for fabulous cocktails, boutique wines, craft beers, and unique soft drinks.

Don't bring your own beverages within the Pavilion; our certified wait staff will be happy to serve you.

Do bring a picnic spread or visit our walk-up concessionaires, and decorative touches for a special occasion, avoiding confetti and glass.

Please don't eat the daisies, or take them home. The centerpieces are the property of Newport Polo and are needed each week to decorate the tables.

Q: Are kids under 15 admitted free to the Pavilion?
A: No, tickets are required for all seats in the Pavilion, regardless of age.

Q: What time does the Pavilion open?
A: The Pavilion opens at 4PM / 3PM in September.


Q: Can I bring a tent?
A: Yes – adhering to the following guidelines

  • Tent setup will be directed by our Field Marshals on game day.
    • Chalets: 1 - 28, an additional tent may be placed aft of the installed chalet tent, this will eliminate the space to park a car at the chalet site.
    • Tailgates: 29 - 88, tents must be placed behind the flag poles.
    • Unassigned Lawn Seating, Tents are permitted in the back row only, along the marked Tent Line; space is limited. Please ask Field Marshals for direction on correct placement.
  • Tents larger than 10’x12’ require express permission from Newport Polo in advance (Contact Us) along with guidelines to avoid property damage to underground utilities; Tents that are ≥ 350 square feet are required to obtain an official Tent Permit from the Town of Portsmouth - at your discretion (Apply Online); we recommend that you allow up to 5 days.
  • Rented tents or tents requiring inspection for an official permit from the Town of Portsmouth may not be set up prior to the Saturday event without express permission from Newport Polo, at least 7 Days in advance.  Contact Us

Q: Is there a dress code?
A:  'Newport Casual Chic' - view our Style Album for inspiration.

Q. How long is a polo match?
A. Matches are typically 2 hours in duration, followed by a champagne toast and trophy presentation, then autograph signing with the teams.  Matches begin at 5PM / 4PM in September.

Q. What time can I arrive for a polo match?
A. The Entry Gates open at 1PM / NOON in September.  The Pavilion opens at 4PM / 3PM in September.

Q: How much is parking
A: General Parking is included with paid Lawn, Grandstand, or Pavilion admission tickets.

Q: Can my group come to polo in a bus?
A: Yes, commercial vehicles may be used for transport, however, there is a separate stopping area for 15+ passenger vehicles, where a ticket agent will meet the vehicle near the Main Gate to scan passenger tickets. Parking options depend on vehicle size and the type of polo tickets the passengers are using.  

Q: Can I bring a Camper/Motorhome/RV/Winnebago to polo?
A: Driving a camper or motorhome onto the Polo Grounds is NOT permitted due to restrictions of the historic location.  If you do arrive by camper or similarly large vehicle, you will be directed to park in an overflow lot outside of the entry gates and enter the grounds on foot.

Q: Can I use a drone at polo?
A: No, drones may not be used at the Polo Grounds.