Meet Our Ponies

Meet Our Ponies

Newport Polo's lesson program will introduce polo students to a string of polo ponies that regularly play in the Newport International Polo Series. These ponies are thoroughbred horses that have been trained to play polo and can adapt to each player's level of skill, from beginner to advanced.


Amarillo “Army” is an American Thoroughbred off a racetrack near Amarillo, Texas. Her nickname was given for her military level of intelligence and “secret ops” way of playing polo. Army began polo training at 4 years old and has been playing in the Polo Series for about 12 years.


Arnold, an OTTB from Suffolk Downs Race Track, though Arnold’s muscular body type and stocky build resemble that of an American quarter horse. Arnold came home from the track at 4 years old with a gentle, sweet, and loving personality. Since Arnold’s muscular physique and sun-kissed chestnut coat are unparalleled, he got named after the movie The Terminator featuring Arnold Shwartzenagar! Though he is definitely the boss of the herd, Arnold’s demeanor towards humans has been nothing but gentility and kindness. Due to his size and strength Arnold has proved himself an excellent mount for the larger players that come to learn but also has earned numerous BPP awards in the Newport International series where he is quite popular amongst the visiting teams as a strong, sturdy, athletic ride!


Cocoa won her 1st 'Best Playing Pony' title in 2014, playing for Scotland. This bay thoroughbred is a former racehorse from Suffolk Downs, and coming into her prime as a polo pony.

Dark Star

Dark Bay, Gelding. American Thoroughbred. 


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Gray, Mare. American Thoroughbred.


Gatsby is a thoroughbred from the Suffolk Downs racetrack in Boston. He has a flawless gate, agreed by all as the best “riding” horse in the Newport string. The Great Gatsby’s elegant stride and his occasional air catching leaps make him an alluring double-edged sword in the game. Gatsby prefers a quiet and patient player but strong rider for the perfect duet.


This bay thoroughbred mare's career has been a story of comebacks. She was deemed 'un-rideable' on the racetrack and sustained a broken leg that took 2 years of patience to overcome. She has subsequently been named Best Playing Pony more than any other horse in the club. Ginger is enjoying life as a retired hall-of-famer.


Chestnut, Gelding. American Thoroughbred.


Chestnut, Mare. Argentine Criollo / American Thoroughbred. 


Chestnut, Mare. American Thoroughbred. 


Black, Mare. American Thoroughbred.


Bay, Mare. Argentine Criollo / American Thoroughbred.



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Bay, Gelding. Argentine Criollo. 


Chestnut, Gelding. American Thoroughbred. 


Missy is our jet brown thoroughbred southern belle, who journeyed north from Florida's high goal polo league last spring and has been a solid addition to the Saturday matches as well as lessons ever since her arrival. She's a quick turner with plenty of get-up-and-go!


Pepper is an American thoroughbred off the Pen National racetrack. She was 3 years old when she hopped off the trailer at our doorstep and was considered an “easy make” in terms of her willingness to be trained for polo with outstanding natural talent. She began playing in the international series at the age of 5. 10 years of playing and numerous best playing pony awards seems only fitting for a horse like Pepper; who got her Spice themed name after our oldest and most revered horse, Ginger- the queen of Newport Polo.


Persia came to us as a 4-year-old off the race track at Suffolk Downs in Boston. As a strong-willed, natural athlete, Persia took quickly to polo training and showed great tranquility and temperance at the start. It was said by few that she would never be more than a quiet school horse. In her second year of training Persia’s hot-headed, fiery personality developed. Persia's hot thoroughbred competitivity has propelled her to one of the top 3 polo ponies in the Newport string, very far from a simple school horse.


Bay, Gelding. American Thoroughbred.


Chestnut, Mare. Argentine Criollo.


Romeo originally came to Newport Polo as a stallion from the racetrack. He's a chestnut thoroughbred gelding with a white blaze, white feet, and a white 'slap' on his right cheek! He still flirts shamelessly.


Bay, Mare. Argentine Criollo. 


Grey, Mare. Argentine Criollo / American Thoroughbred. 


Black, Mare. Argentine Criollo. 


Bay, Gelding. American Thoroughbred.


Chestnut, Gelding. Argentine Criollo.


Chestnut, Mare. American Thoroughbred.


Chestnut, Gelding. American Thoroughbred. 


Bay, Gelding. American Thoroughbred. 


Zoilo is a popular choice among our students. Little do they know, this bay thoroughbred gelding from Argentina had a polo career in England in prestigious events including the Queen's Cup, and Gold Cup, along with playing in the French Deauville circuit before coming to the US. He debuted in the Newport International Polo Series in 2013 and became known for his easy handling and speed. Even though he's an international horse of mystery, Zoillo still stays true to his Argentine roots with a classic Gaucho name meaning 'Life'.