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About Us

About Us

Polo Since 600 b.c.

By the time the sport of polo arrived on Newport’s shores during the Gilded Age in the 1800s, ripe with 2500 years of evolution, polo was captivating newcomers as it swept the globe.  Newport’s summer sporting set embraced the new pastime, establishing America's first polo club in 1876.  A charter member of the United States Polo Association, Newport Polo remains a trailblazing model polo club, hosting the Newport International Polo Series public exhibition matches for the community's enjoyment, supporting philanthropic causes, hosting tournaments, polo club member services and polo instruction year-round.

Each Saturday in June through September for 30 seasons, the Newport International Polo Series features teams from around the world & from major US cities competing against USA / Newport.  Planned for the 2021 season is an exciting lineup of action-packed polo matches, international team debuts and memorable special events for fun on and off the field, supported by an enthusiastic spectator audience.  See Events/Tickets for the complete list, subject to change..

Newport Polo Pavilion

Dear Friends of Polo,                                                2021

Like the human spirit, polo has stood in the face of time, challenge and evolution, and carried on, since 600 b.c. When the sport made its American landing, it found a fertile foundation in Newport, where its roots have grown deep since the summer of 1876 when the alluring game caught the imagination of the buccaneering class of the Gilded Age.

Newport Polo’s legacy as the first polo club in America inspires its bearing and community ethos, which has enriched the fabric of life here for the past three decades and generations of devotees, whose perennial reemergence is the ultimate endorsement.

We are grateful for last year’s supporters, and for the leadership that restored normalcy to our lives, so that we may enjoy these traditions to their fullest in this 30th Anniversary season, to commune for the shared experience of polo, celebrate the triumph of human resiliency and renew our fraternal ties to the world with the return of international teams.

The new season also stirs our conviction to captain the next generation of players and name a Rookie of the Year, champion our community’s needs, bolster our goals to improve and conserve this tradition.

We are able to extend our contributions to the community in various ways. I applaud the volunteers of the many nonprofit organizations with whom we partner. And I salute the Newport Rotary Club and contributors at Newport This Week for their tremendous effort in producing this publication, whose advertising dollars support the Rotary’s Scholarship Fund and charitable programs. I thank our sponsors without whom the Polo Series would not be as expansive. Last but not least, I recognize the dedicated staff of the Newport International Polo Series with whom it is an honor to work.

Very Truly Yours, 

Dan Keating, Captain