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COVID-19 Response: Game Day Policies

Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Our team has anxiously awaited the start of the Newport International Polo Series season 29, and looks forward to welcoming attendees on Opening Day, Saturday, June 6 and the remainder of the season.  Players and ponies started training individually, then in stable pods to be in competition form, adopting no-contact rules of polo, while our staff worked with State Officials to prepare the Polo Grounds to meet the latest health requirements.  Please review our COVID-19 safety practices below.

Our players and staff are screened regularly, for your safety, and we ask that all attendees consider the safety of others in their decision to attend.  There is a self-screening tool that we recommend for all attendees before coming to polo.  Any person who does not meet screening standards should not enter the premises:

We must insist that participants stay at home if they are not feeling well or, if by participating, they knowingly will compromise their own physical welfare or the safety of others for reasons of higher risk or exposure. Additionally, we require that all participants respect and follow all COVID-19 safety protocols in effect, including wearing masks when not in your seat, maintaining 6' distancing from others when not in your seat, washing and sanitizing your hands, not gathering outside of your seating arrangements, and carry-in/carry-out trash & personal effects. These safety protocols are standard across the guidelines for reopening all related business types and have been approved by our RI State officials.  Modifications are on-going as the State releases guidelines for the next phases of reopening.  Please check for any updates before attending an event.


  • Tickets are available for purchase ONLINE ONLY. Tickets will not be sold at the Polo Grounds.
  • Tickets will be verified by contactless scan at the entry gates.
  • Pavilion customers must present their tickets to the Pavilion hostess for seating.
  • There will be no unassigned seating (General Admission); Lawn Tickets are available for reserved areas including Tailgates/Chalets; Pavilion Tickets are available for reserved Tables.
  • Attendees are asked to PRINT their tickets to facilitate contactless verification at the gate on game day.
  • Occupancy limits for Tailgates, Chalets, and Pavilion tables will be per RIDOH regulations - see individual match information for details.

Venue Policies

  • Entry gates will open at 3PM.
  • Pavilion will open at 4PM.
  • The Polo Grounds will close 1-hour following the conclusion of the match.  Attendees are required to leave the premises upon closing.
  • Trash is carry-in, carry-out.  To comply with ReOpening RI regulations and protect our staff, there will not be trash collection.  Do not leave your trash at the venue.
  • Attendees will not be permitted to gather outside their seating area; there will be no divot stomping at halftime and no 'high five' hand-slapping along the boards at the end of the match;
  • Horse Trailer Parking and Paddocks are not open to attendees.
  • Attendees visiting Davitt Pavilion Patio Bar are asked to pay by credit card when possible.
  • Food Trucks may or may not be present;
  • Modified parking plan is in effect for Tailgate and Chalet reservations, available here.
  • Come prepared for weather conditions; existing shelters/tents are reserved for limited occupants, and are not available to additional occupants as shelter from weather; use vehicles for shelter if necessary;

Face Masks

  • Attendees are required to wear Face Masks at all times when not occupying their seats, ie: entering polo grounds, transitioning to/from parking & restroom.
  • Attendees are required to provide their own masks.
  • Staff are required to wear Face Masks at all times.

Social Distancing

  • Attendees are reminded to maintain social distancing of at least 6ft of other people, to the extent possible, with persons outside of their seating group.
  • Separation of Tailgates/Chalets and Pavilion Tables will be per RIDOH regulations.
  • Ground markings will indicate social distancing when waiting for entry to Restrooms, Pavilion, Davitt Pavilion Patio Bar, and Pro Shop.
  • Restrooms will be attended to limit occupancy and perform required cleaning.

Wellness Checks

  • Attendees are asked to self-complete the RIDOH screening before entering the premises, available online here, and posted at the Entry Gates.
  • Our event staff is regularly screened and temperature checked before the start of each shift.

Restrooms, Sanitation & Cleaning

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the Pavilion entry, Davitt Pavilion Patio Bar, Pro Shop, and Port-a-johns.
  • Hand soap and running water will be available in the Restroom Trailers.
  • High contact surfaces throughout the venue will be sanitized regularly according to RIDOH and CDC guidelines.
  • Restroom trailers and handicap accessible portable bathrooms will be open, sanitized, and monitored for use, one adult at a time.


  • Davitt Pavilion Patio Bar: Open for Stella Artois on tap, imported & craft beers, boutique wines, premium spirits, specialty drinks, unique soft drinks, and Veuve Clicquot Champagne.
  • Pro Shop: Open for official Newport International Polo Series unique sportswear and souvenirs.
  • Specialty Vendors: Curated shopping experience featuring local artisans and aficionados. Weekly schedule published in the Game Day Briefing, sign up.