Open House at Winter Indoor Arena

Time: January 5, 2020 2:00 PM

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Newport Polo is pleased to announce that it is opening the largest and newest Indoor Professional Equestrian Facility within 100 miles for winter polo training activities starting in January 2020.  Located off I-195 along the RI/MA state line, 20 minutes north of its current Portsmouth facility, the private indoor facility includes a 36-stall, dual isle barn complex attached to a 260' x 100' indoor riding arena.

An Open House will receive prospective clients on Sunday, January 5, 2020 from 2-6PM by RSVP. Boarders and equestrians may begin to occupy the facility starting the final days of December. The Seekonk, MA property is private, and visitors will be received by RSVP and appointment only, for polo training & equestrian services. (It is not a spectator facility.)

At its new indoor facility, Newport Polo will host intercollegiate home games for Brown U Men and Women's polo teams, Roger Williams U Men and Women's polo teams, and the Newport Girls Interscholastic team, as well as weekly practices for the teams.  

Additionally, the Newport Polo Club will hold weekly polo practices and monthly tournaments, keeping horses and players conditioned for Beach Polo exhibition matches on Feb. 22-23 in the Newport Winter Festival.

Polo lessons and riding lessons for beginners will also continue at the indoor facility through March, before operations return to the outdoor training facility in Portsmouth. 

For information about Rates, Services and Schedule for the new facility, and to Subscribe to the Weekly agenda for active participants, please use this link:

Newport Polo's Equine Manager and Head Polo/Riding Instructor, Minnie Keating, will manage operations at the indoor facility.  For more information on horse boarding or equestrian activities & services, send emails to or call (401) 426-1871. 

"A clear span arena of this size allows for full speed and competitive training for the horses and players," explains Keating, "that will help our intercollegiate and interscholastic teams and horse strings be in top form to compete in the regional and national USPA tournaments in February and March".

Keating is a United States Polo Association Certificated Polo Instructor, accomplished professional horse trainer and professional polo player. She is the Coach of the Brown U and Newport Interscholastic teams, a member of the Newport Polo Club and a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Newport Polo is the home of America's first polo club, founded in 1876, a charter member of the United States Polo Association, host of the Newport International Polo Series public exhibition matches, and a model US polo club with member services for grass & arena polo and polo instruction year-round.