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Horse Leasing/Chukker

REGISTRATION PROCEDURE - Please do all 3 steps: (USPA Membership** is mandatory)

STEP I: Reserve a mount on the Instructor's Roster in the form below.

STEP II: Payment  - scroll down and select the payment category (or skip if you are participating on your own horse or applying credit).

STEP III: Submit Weekly Covid Health Screening (expires midnight Sunday) and Annual Waiver (expires 12/31)

The links are provided at the end of EACH STEP, for the next step.

Step 1: Roster to reserve your chukkers: (be sure to use the NEXT buttons to progress all the way thru to the SUBMIT button!)

Step 2: Payment in Advance: Horse leasing rates:

Outdoor (grass) Chukkers (Available for Club Members Only, May-Sept):

  • $75 / Club Chukker; 
  • $100 / Tournament Chukker;
  • avail during Summer outdoor/grass season - May through September;
  • for Newport Polo Club members and qualified visiting members; 

Arena Chukkers:  (Available Oct-May; must be USPA Member**):

  • $75 / 2 Club Chukkers and $150 / 4 Club Chukkers;
  • $85 / Tournament Chukker (includes Groom service);
  • $150 / Tournament Chukker w/shipping to away event;
  • avail during Spring & Autumn arena polo seasons;
  • for Newport Polo Club members and qualified nonmembers on week nights & Sat/Sun afternoons
  • Winter Indoor Arena horse leasing rates & registration will differ.

Grooming services are available for adults only (not I/I participants) with 24-hour advanced notice, at this link.  

Please register & pay for services in the current week only.  For a future week, please submit register & pay on the Monday of the week you desire.  Late payments may incur a bookkeeping surcharge. 

We request at least 24 hours notice to secure a seat, to ensure horse availability; Cancellations with 24-hour notice can be rescheduled or refunded. 

All outdoor instruction is subject to weather conditions; if the lesson can't take place due to prohibitive weather conditions, notification and refund will be provided.

** To participate in chukkers, games or tournaments with our club, your USPA Membership must be in current standing, in one of the following membership types: Lifetime Member, Registered Player or Affiliate Player. Click here to join/renew membership with the USPA today! 

$75.00 - $263.00