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Stella Artois Best in Show Contest

Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Polo and tailgating have been hand-in-glove since the days of viewing polo matches from horse-drawn carriages at America’s first polo club. Newport Polo fans have driven polo picnic culture to new heights, raising the bar each season with more elaborate décor, eye-catching attire, frills, and decadent menus, earning Yankee Magazine’s Best Tailgating in New England. Stella Artois is back for seven years running to match our fans’ commitment to a good time, awarding the most spirited party each week with a Stella Artois prize package and Brenton Hotel Jumbotron moment of fame.

2022 Entries & Winners (Album Updated Weekly)

2022 Weekly Themes

June 4 (USA vs. Colombia) – Colombian!

June 11 (Newport Cup) – Gilded Victorian!

June 18 (USA vs. Portugal) – Portuguese!

June 25 (Newport vs. Boston) – Tea Party!


July 2 (Independence Cup) – Yankee Doodle!

July 9 (USA vs. Ireland) – Irish!

July 16 (Newport vs. Pittsburgh) – Pirates!

July 23 (USA vs. Italy) – Italian!

July 30 (Newport vs. Washington D.C.) – Cherries!


August 6 (USA vs. New Zealand) – New Zealand/White!

August 13 (Newport vs. Palm Beach) – Lilly Pulitzer Forever!

August 20 (USA vs. Jamaica) – Jamaican!

August 27 (Newport vs. New York) – Disco!


September 3 (USA vs. England) – English!

September 10 (Bentley vs. Rolls-Royce) – Racing!

September 17 (USA vs. Argentina) – Argentine!

September 24 (Turkish Airlines Finals) – Cowboys!