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2021 Holiday Letter

From Newport Polo President, Dan Keating.

Date: Friday, December 17, 2021

Dear Friends of Newport Polo,

During the course of 1990, when the Newport International Polo Series was conceived, never could I have imagined that some 30 years henceforth, 35 countries would have joined us in competition, and hundreds of thousands of fans would have joined us to witness each contest. 

The longevity and the scope of the Polo Series has led Newport Polo to become the most unique polo venue in the world. That achievement is in most part due to the loyal fans that come to polo, creating an aura of joy, energy and conviviality. I believe our atmosphere is Newport Polo's greatest success.

Under the duress of a global health crisis that has necessitated our separation and isolation, it also demonstrated beyond a doubt our connectivity with every person on the planet.  In the upcoming season, the Polo Series looks forward to embracing our international cousins in polo from all corners of the world and celebrating our connections.

Thank you for your support and the great camaraderie that you bring.  I bid everyone in our polo family around the world very Happy Holidays, good health and warmest wishes, and I look forward to seeing you on the field.

Dan Keating

Newport Polo President, Dan Keating

President, Newport Polo