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2020 Club Awards Presented

Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Trophies presented on Oct. 25, 2020 included the Westchester Polo Club's perpetual trophies for Sportsmanship, Most Improved Player and the newly minted Players Tournament Cup (center), along with tournament winners' platters.

The Westchester Polo Club's annual Award Presentations celebrated the 2020 season and recognized those who contributed to a miraculous year, and were awarded during the prize giving for the Players Tournament on the last weekend of October, in lieu of the awards banquet that could not take place this year.

“The awards are a club tradition to recognize the leading figures that made the greatest contributions on and off the field,” commented Keating.   

Presentations of this year's Sportsmanship Award and Most Improved Player Award were conveyed by previous recipients Patrick Quigley and Minnie Keating (see past recipients).  Chosen by their peers, the 2020 Most Improved Player is Luke Merrick, and the 2020 Sportsmanship Award recipient is Clark Curtis.  

Club President Dan Keating conveyed service appreciation gifts to Polo Manager Dave Markell, Umpire Patrick Quigley and Tournament Committee Member Amy Garrison for their tireless efforts all year long.

About Newport Polo:  Newport Polo is the home of the Westchester Polo Club, America’s first polo club est. 1876, and founding member of the United States Polo Association, offering club member services for outdoor (grass) & arena polo, and polo instruction. The founding members, who hailed mostly from Westchester County, NY, established the club's summer headquarters and polo grounds in Newport, RI where its members annually convened for summer recreation. The original club in Newport is credited for organizing the world's first international polo competition, the Westchester Cup, and remained active until 1929. The Westchester Polo Club was revived in 1992 by President and delegate, Dan Keating. Colloquially know today as Newport Polo, the Club supports a vibrant polo training program continually introducing newcomers to the sport.  It is home to the Brown University Polo Team and the Roger Williams University Polo teams, and the Newport Girls Varsity and JV teams. Newport Polo also hosts the Newport International Polo Series, a popular 18-week summer exhibition series. 

Polo, Since 600 b.c.

Polo is, without doubt the oldest ball game in the world today. First recorded in the 6th century b.c. when the Turkomans beat the Persians in a diplomatic tournament, the alluring game caught on with equestrian royalty and cavalry, and took off with globalization, withstanding the tests of time. By the time Polo arrived on Newport’s shores during the Gilded Age, the sport was nearly 2500 years steeped in tradition, captivating newcomers including Newport's summer sporting set who embraced the new pastime, establishing America's first polo club in 1876.  The club today is still a trailblazing model polo club, hosting the Newport International Polo Series public exhibition matches, supporting philanthropic causes, organizing tournaments, polo club member services and polo instruction year-round. Experience the king of games in its American landing at Newport Polo.