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Feathers Fly in 6th Annual Thanksgiving Tournament

Date:    Sunday, November 25, 2018

Competitive players from near and far migrated to Portsmouth to strut their stuff in the 6th annual Thanksgiving Arena Polo Tournament on Saturday & Sunday, November 24/25, 2018.  Under fair weather conditions, the two-day tournament drew four teams for a friendly rivalry over the holiday weekend, welcoming back milder temperatures to the area.

Stick Chicks: Amanda Poor, Mia Purdom, Claire Severance
Kingsmen: Alexander King, Cole Kinsella, Dan Kinsella
Boom-X-Y-Z: Amy Garrison, Patrick Quigley, Minnie Keating, Catie Reed, Ryan McNeilly
Hard Rockers: Luke Merrick, Peter Jenkins, Amy Dolan


In Saturday's opening rounds of competition, the Stick Chicks defeated the Hard Rockers in Game 1 to advance to Sunday's Final, while Boom-X-Y-Z downed the Kingsmen in Game 2, earning their berth in the Finals.

On Sunday, the Kingsmen finished in 3rd place in the Consolation match against the Hard Rockers, and the Stick Chicks came out the 2019 champs over Boom-X-Y-Z in the Final, to take home the Thanksgiving Tourney trophies.

Following the matches, in the spirit of the holiday, players and spectators gathered to enjoy some fireside hospitality and revel in the camaraderie of the day.

Tournament Photo Album on Newport Polo’s Facebook Fan Page.

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