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Stella Artois: A Party to Remember

Stella Artois Returns as Official Sponsor

Date:    Friday, March 23, 2018

Stella Artois invites polo fans to Host One to Remember this season, returning as the Official Malt Beverage of the Newport International Polo Series, and the Best Tailgate Contest sponsor.

The Belgian icon, originally brewed as a gift to its hometown of Leuven, has a 600-year legacy filled with extraordinary moments and thoughtful details.  The same principles of thoughtful hosting and personalized details elevate any social gathering.  Each year, our polo fans put their best foot forward, creating the most festive field-side parties, filled with thoughtful details from decor to themes, colorful attire, and one-of-a-kind touches, all for the sake of a good time and catch the eye of the top secret judges.  Stella Artois is raising the bar this season with a new curated prize pack, rotated weekly, awarded by our judges for the most creative and fun polo display.

Take a stroll through the ones we remember from season past for inspiration to claim the coveted award in 2018.

Our fans have earned Yankee Magazine’s designation for Best Tailgating in New England, and deserve the kudos for making the Newport Polo experience par excellence.  Raise a glass and toast your summer to remember with a delicious pour of Stella Artois on draft, served fieldside at the Twisted Pony Bar.