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USPA National Arena Sherman Memorial Polo Tournament

Date:    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Newport Polo is pleased to announce the 2017 USPA National Arena Sherman Memorial 3-6 Goal Polo Tournament to take place on Oct. 14-15 at its outdoor arena & training facility in Portsmouth, RI, home of the Westchester Polo Club.

The National Sherman Memorial Tournament, inaugurated in 1935, is played to honor one of the giants of arena polo and is one of the oldest arena polo tournaments in the United States Polo Association.  See the complete list of past winners, p. 247 'Historical Tournament Results' published by The Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame.  

The tournament will include several teams competing for the prestigious George C. Sherman Cup.  Known as the “father of indoor polo”, Hall of Famer George C. Sherman, Sr. was almost single-handedly responsible for organizing and refining this now-popular variation of the sport. He introduced the inflatable ball, redesigned the standard polo equipment for the arena game’s specific needs and modified the rules of outdoor play for arena use. He was the founder & first president of the Indoor Polo Association (from 1915 to 1926), which merged with the USPA in 1956. He was zealous in bringing young players into the sport, presenting the Interscholastic Cup in 1928. Since all Intercollegiate and Interscholastic polo is now played in the arena, he may be said to have sired this invaluable training ground as well. His son, George C. Sherman, Jr., was also an arena high-goaler and made important contributions to the sport as a USPA Chairman and one of the founding spirits of the Museum of Polo.  (Research information provided by Museum of Polo & Hall of Fame).

We invite you to make your mark in polo history.  To register, contact Dan Keating, Westchester Polo Club delegate at dan@nptpolo.com.  Paddock space is available; stabling references available upon request.  We are pleased to provide Newport Visitor’s Center travel experts upon request, to answer destination queries and assist with booking reservations.

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