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Local is the New Black

Holiday Shopping Guide

Date:    Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A recent study commissioned by the Rhode Island Foundation reveals that shifting just 10% of holiday purchases from chains to independent, locally owned businesses has the potential to add more than $300 million to the state’s economy.    Shopping Local helps the local economy sustain and grow jobs, strengthens the local tax base, and supports local commerce, shaping the unique character of our community.

The study further estimates that 57% of dollars spent with locally owned retailers stays in the state’s economy, compared to just 13.6% reinvested locally when spent at major national chains.

We thank our fans and supporters for considering to shop from Newport Polo's Pro Shop this holiday season.  Newport Polo is a Rhode Island-based, independent locally-owned and locally-operated business.  In addition, our special new monthly guide, the Newport Stock Exchange, lists exclusive offers each month from our official partners, as well as special giving programs, to entice you to invest your shopping dollars locally.