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Off the Hoof

Where the Fan Named Ponies are Today

Date:    Friday, October 9, 2015

It started in winter of 2013 when a young, unbridled gelding in need of a home arrived at Newport Polo, and we put it to our fans to find a fitting name. The pony naming contest caught on fast, and is now an annual tradition for one of several new ponies each year that start training. Learn where the fan-christened rising stars, Skyfall, Persia, and Tootsie are today.



Riding on the heels of a film release that became his namesake, Skyfall was the first pony named by our fans, in February 2013. After two years of training, Skyfall made his debut in the 2015 USA vs. Scotland match (shown on right), and an encor appearance in August for USA vs. Brazil.



Named in the 2014 contest, Persia is a quick study and really shone through her training. She made her debut on the International Field early in the 2015 season, and played in a total of four matches (shown near right in USA vs. Brazil). Persia even went on to receive top honors from the English Team, as Best Playing Pony in their 2015 contest against USA.



Tootsie, the newest addition, introduced in June 2015, has gotten off to a flying start. She spent the summer in training, making fast progress to play in club practices. The pros praised her agile moves and gung-ho attitude. She's on rest for the autumn season and will be in training for at least another year before she can make her way onto the International Field.