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Match Benefits Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center

“Newport Polo has helped raise over $400,000 for worthy causes over the past 23 years.”

Date:    Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Glen Farm polo grounds saw a fantastic outcome of tailgaters lining the field on Sunday, July 19, to support Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center in it’s 12th annual polo tailgate fundraiser.

The Sunday Benefit matches are a long-standing tradition of Newport Polo with participants from the Newport Polo Club engaging in fast-paced, six chukker matches that brings the nostalgia of our earlier years, with less hustle and bustle.

Representing team Newport was Brian McCormick and Suleman Iddrissu in the #1 position, Alex King in #2, Dan Keating in #3, and Alex Swanson in #4.

Sporting navy for Riceacre Farm was Amy Rice in #1, Michel Nseir in #2, Miss Minnie Keating in #3, and John Wigdahl in #4.

It was a lively match as both teams held defense and crafted witty plays to keep the score close throughout all six chukkers. Riceacre took advantage in the first chukker as World Champion Wigdahl took the reigns and scored one point for the team and another point on a penalty hit, and keeping Newport out of the goal entirely. But, Newport refused mercy as they put their heads together and pushed ahead scoring four goals by King (2), Dan Keating and Swanson, and only allowing Riceacre to slip by with one goal by Rice. Newport continued to keep Riceacre out of goal in the third chukker as King scored two more points, and Newport taking the lead with a half-time score of 6 to 3.

Both teams regrouped, strategized, and were out for the win. The roles seemed reversed as Riceacre rounded up points from Nseir and Wigdahl, and even got a little help from their rides as one horse scored a pony goal for the blue team, tying up the game and keeping Newport scoreless. Both teams refused to surrender in the fifth chukker as King and Swanson hit the ball through the posts, but Minnie Keating was there to score one point for Riceacre and another point on a penalty hit. Each player mustered the last of their strength into the final chukker. King went back-to-back scoring two points for Newport, but Riceacre’s Nseir, Minnie Keating and Wigdahl all smacked the ball through the goal as the final bell rang. The sixth chukker ended in an 11 to 11 draw, evoking a decision by the umpires to determine a winner by a penalty shoot-out from the forty-yard line to break the deadlock. With Amy Rice missing the first penalty shot, followed by Dan Keating and Alex Swanson with a swing and a miss for blue, the remaining players from each team succeeded in scoring, with Wigdahl making the fourth and final swing for Riceacre, and claiming the winning title for the team.

We'd like to thank everyone who made it out to the match to support and help raise money for this wonderful organization in the 2015 Sunday Benefit Matches, hosted by Newport Polo.

Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center is a non-profit organization that offers both hypotherapy and therapeutic riding to individuals with physical, developmental, and emotional differences throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

"Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization that utilizes equine-related activities for the therapy of individuals with physical, developmental, and emotional differences. Uniquely, the horses are our treatment partners. "