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Hurricane Irene Threatens Washington Trust Cup

Date:    Friday, August 26, 2011

The Newport International Polo Series will take a number of measures to notify its fans of any change in status for the match this weekend.  Although reduced to Category 2 today, Hurricane Irene is still tracking in the direction of New England to send plenty of rain which may interfere with the Washington Trust Cup scheduled for 5pm on Saturday, Aug. 27 at at the Newport International Polo Series. 


"We are carefully monitoring the approaching storm.  Right now, the weather seems very unstable and changing, so it is impossible to accurately predict Saturday's conditions in advance, and we would hate to disappoint our fans if the match can be played.  If it's not raining, and if rain is not imminently coming during the period from 5-7pm on Saturday, then we're playing the match," explains Dan Keating, captain of the Newport team.

The 24-hour Info Line (401) 846-0200 provides up-to-the-minute match status information, for fans to monitor the situation.  Also, a field-side weather cam is accessible on the website, to see field conditions and activity.

If the status changes, Newport Polo will broadcast the message via the Info Line, as well as an Eblast to its e-news subscribers, an email to those with reservations for the 8/27 match, and a Facebook bulletin to its friends on the social network.  To subscribe to its e-newletter, please enter your email address in the box at the lower left corner of this page.