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Groom Service

Per Horse

Fee is per horse.  If you lease 2 horses, then please remit Groom Fee x 2. 

(During checkout, please include THE DATE of the grooming service being paid, in the 'Special Order Instructions' box)





As an optional service for adult participants in polo training, Polo Grooms work fast & proficiently, to expertly prepare your polo horse for performance, including:

  • bring your horse to the pony line from its paddock
  • remove its blanket
  • thoroughly brush away all dirt from the horse, giving particular care to areas which come in contact with tack, saddle and bandages, to prevent friction sores
  • pick clean the hooves, loosening any stones that may be lodged under the shoes;
  • bandage all 4 legs
  • braid the tail
  • fit and fasten tack, pads & saddle

After performance, the groom will

  • remove and clean tack, pads, bandages and saddle, returning gear to designated storage
  • let down tail and brush out and/or wash the sweat from the horse
  • in cooler temperatures, blanket the horse after it dries
  • return your horse to its paddock 

For a fee of $10 per horse, and with at least 24 hours advanced notification, trained personnel will provide this service with your reservation for polo instruction or for club or tournament chukkers.