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Jumbotron Message





To request a $50 message on the Brenton Hotel Jumbotron, please complete the form above (be sure to use the form's slider to scroll down to the NEXT button to reach the 2nd page to enter the date and type in your message). Do not fill out the form if you do not intend to submit the $50.  

Then use the payment option to submit $50.  The message will air during the 4th or 5th chukker.

Sorry, there are no refunds for any reason.

Message request and payment must be received no later than 9AM on the Friday before the requested date (ex. 9AM on May 31 for June 1 match). Late submissions cannot be accommodated.

Newport Polo reserves the right to reject a Jumbotron message for any reason. Commercial/corporate/branded messages are not permitted.  Email Jumbotron message questions and inquiries for corporate promotion to Agnes Keating,