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Team Profile: Spain

Meet Team Spain

Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2023

It has been a decade since flamenco music filled the air at the polo grounds, though the proud red and yellow national flag of Spain unfurls each week to remind its supporters that great battles have played out, and the next one is finally on the horizon.  The Spanish team was among the inaugural challengers in the Polo Series' 1992 beginnings, and feted at the the 2007 Bal Olé which led to the first high-five in a genuine expression of thanks for their memorable tour.  The Spaniard's team is generations deep, descendants of Spanish polo's founding father in the Domecq family line.  

Polo came to Spain in the Victorian Era, and grew enormously during the rule of King Alfonso XIII with clubs and grounds being established in Santander, Bilbao, Sevilla, Cordoba, Valencia and Granada. Although polo in Spain declined during the World War years of the twentieth century, its revival began in the 1960's from a new epicenter to this day, in the world-renowned Santa Maria Polo club in Sotogrande.

The Polo Series rivalry is deadlocked in equal wins, with Spain holding the upper hand in goal production, and like two equally powerful hands clasped in an arm wrestling dual, USA vs. Spain on June 17 promises to be a contest of sheer will.  Returning captain Jose Domecq is joined by his son and another father-son duo to give USA a schooling in teamwork with a lethal combination of young hotshots and veteran masters.

Join the players on the eve of the match for a welcome Meet & Greet Wine Pouring on Friday, June 16, by RSVP, at Official Team Headquarters,  The Chanler at Cliff Walk, a 19th-century sea-side mansion where Gilded Age elegance and gracious hospitality have become a beloved emblem of old-world elegance. Witness the action the next day for USA vs. Spain at 5PM in the Newport International Polo Series, presented by Turkish Airlines, and stay after the match for an apres polo celebration with the teams. 


José Ignacio Domecq is a polo player and sculptor who was born in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain in 1968. He has played polo in Newport three times before, with his last appearance being in 2003.

Domecq's love for horses and polo was passed down from his father and grandfather, who were both skilled polo players. As a child growing up in Jerez, Spain, he enjoyed drawing and painting horses, studying their anatomy as well as their movements and expressions during polo games.

Today he sculpts polo ponies from memory, without relying on pictures or models. His inspiration comes from his extensive knowledge of horse anatomy, which he gained through countless hours of grooming, training, and exercising polo ponies. He is just as passionate about the work of grooming as he is about the game itself.

In 2017, José Ignacio began sculpting with clay and started casting bronze in 2018. Since then, he has focused on capturing the beauty of polo, showcasing the movement and speed of polo horses on the field and the stunning beauty of the animals in the palenque. To see more of José Ignacio Domecq's work, please visit his website at

Santiago Domecq comes from a family of passionate polo players that have been playing for five generations. He started playing at a young age with his father José in the countryside, playing tournaments in the summer in Sotogrande. He won the Under 18 Championship of Spain in Santa Maria Polo Club and The Timothy Van de Brand tournament.





Santiago Satrústegui is a player of great grit and ambition, adopting the classic polo as a style of play throughout his polo career, where he has been champion of several championships in Madrid and Sotogrande. He is a long hitter who now enjoys polo with his friends and family in the countryside. Santiago is also an entrepreneur and founded a noteworthy private bank and is also an avid hunter like all his family.




Ignacio Satrústegui (21 years old) discovered polo in the countryside where, with a small pony and in a meadow he began to hit his first swings. His family has always been very fond of the old school, where classic polo is the reference of the game. Ignacio as a good student has adopted that style and dynamics of play. Finalist in several championships in Madrid and Sotogrande, he currently plays in the countryside where he is dedicated to the breeding of polo horses.



Be on the lookout for the Team Spain itinerary to see where you can catch up with the players on their Newport Tour, published in the summer weekly eMagazine.  While the possibilities are endless to plan your Spanish-themed polo picnic for a chance at Stella Artois Best in Show, nothing stands out better than the yellow and red of the Spanish flag, nor tastes better than charcutieries and tapas paired with bright, fruity, acidic wines.  Join the celebrations after the match when the Veuve Clicquot Trophy Presentation will award the winning team, followed by a complimentary toast in the Modern Luxury Lounge where The Cocktail Guru will serve a complimentary libation from the Patio Bar.  Cheers!

Newport Polo is the home of the Westchester Polo Club, America's first polo club, offering exhibition polo and club member services for outdoor & arena polo, and polo instruction. Est. in 1876, founding member of the United States Polo Assoc, host of the Newport International Polo Series.