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Spring Arena Showdown

Date: Saturday, April 29, 2023

Newport Polo brought the spring season to its peak this past weekend with the first polo tournament of the year. Four competitive teams entered with eager players, tuned up from weeks of training since the arena opened in March, amped up to start the year in the Win column and set the tone for an exciting season of polo ahead. 

Two semi finals were played on Friday late afternoon and into the evening afternoon, anticipating weather challenges for the weekend ahead. Tenacious Divas, composed of all women, took on Synergy Solutions for a tough game resulting in a big win for Synergy, 13-6. Minnie Keating of Synergy Solutions was the high scorer of the game, with excellent team work and help from Liz Pytka at the number one position, and Jair Zenteno at the number two position. Tenacious Divas was led by Heather Suoto at the number three position, Launi Perrault at number two and Leslie Strueli at number one. 

The second semi final of the day welcomed a visiting team from Boston, MA, made up of five impressive players. Rehan Kumble, Tashan Behara, Shaan Behara, Jaques Cauchon, and Alexis Atikinson took on Team Stoweaway from Newport in a fast, high scoring game, ultimately winning 20-11. Team Stoweaway was led by President and founder of Newport Polo, Dan Keating, along with Kailey Snyder, Meg Stowe, Phil Gonzalez and Eric Schneider. 

Saturday afternoon called for the tournament conclusion, beginning with a thrilling Final. Ponies and players were ready for the epic battle. Both teams fought for the win, and the game was close all the way through. Jair Zenteno and Rehan Kumble were high scorers of the game, and Christine Bowden joined their ranks.  Every player stepped up their game, posting personal bests, along with impressive displays of teamwork. Synergy Solutions took home the trophy in a 10-8 win! The concluding round, for 3rd place, was up was next in the Consolation match between Tenacious Divas and Stoweaway. The match was close, but Team Stoweaway took home the win, 11-8 and a great time was had by all!

The polo season is officially in full swing as arena lessons for adults, Naval War College, interscholastic and intercollegiate players will continue through spring, summer and autumn. Club chukkers will now take to the grass fields as is customary in May through September.