'22 Spring Training Underway

Polo Lessons Resume

Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2022

The spring equinox is upon us as the sun grows warmer and daylight lasts longer, reminding the ponies to shed their winter coats and the players to ramp up their training to retake the field.  Already weeks into the daily exercise regimen, the routine is becoming old hat as our expert trainers gradually leg up the ponies to playing fitness.  Next on the horizon, Arena Polo Lessons will fill the saddles with new and returning players alike to take full advantage of the extended playable season that New England can support.  Intro Clinics for first-timers, advanced instruction for students brushing up to graduate to grass polo in the summer, and competitive club chukkers for the seasoned pros will all be coming into play over the next few weeks.  

If you have been inspired by the exciting and fast-paced Saturday action of the Newport International Polo Series, and the fraternal camaraderie that polo is renowned for, now is a great time to immerse even further.  Newport Polo's training program is entering its fourth decade, having introduced hundreds of newcomers to the sport of polo from preteens to seasoned adults since it was first established in the early 1990s in the effort to rebuild America's First Polo Club.  Today, United States Polo Association Certified Polo Instructors lead weekly sessions grouping players by age and skill to learn and build confidence among peers. 

All new players start in Newport Polo's regulation size outdoor polo arena for a controlled environment to learn the fundamentals before progressing to advanced play. While the grass is dormant before and after the summer growing season, all players including top pros practice and compete in arenas all across the US

Despite polo's historic reputation as the domain of royalty, celebrities, jet setters, and fashion houses, training programs at clubs across the country, like Newport Polo, make it easy to get started with little investment.  Even previous riding experience is not required before taking your first swing, though balance, fitness, and athletic skills from other sporting pursuits are ideal prerequisites for new candidates, as it is, after all, a challenging, physically demanding sport.  A typical polo lesson includes riding instruction for all participants, whether they are learning the basics of riding or adapting their riding technique to a new discipline, before turning to polo mechanics, rules, and strategy.  Polo ponies, as they are known, are incredibly versatile, and instructors are careful to pair each player with a horse that can handle their skill level.  See it all in action for yourself when the cameras were rolling for a recent visit by our friend from NBC-10 who saddled up for a lesson (watch the video).

Weekly class schedule announcements for youth and adults will be coming soon.  Sign Up to receive the weekly polo schedule by private email subscription - secure and spam-free.  Before then you can check out our Meet the Ponies and Meet the Instructors pages to learn a little more about the team.

Wondering how you will fit in?  Polo is enjoyed in over 80 countries as a life-long pursuit from preteen to middle age, from all different backgrounds.  Newport Polo's students and polo club members run the same gamut.  Most are professionals in careers in every field conceivable from medicine, to tech, pharma and finance, to law, government, real estate, and beyond, that come together for a common passion.  Polo is also a family sport, one of the few to mix players of different ages, genders, and skill levels, creating the unique opportunity for the entire family to compete on the same field.  The enduring fascination of polo can last a lifetime, filling a desire for the competitive team sport!  We've seen it first-hand many times, including one family that has been involved with Newport Polo since its earliest days, as told in this recent headline.

First-time players are welcome to Contact Us with questions!  We hope this has inspired you to discover polo.