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Newport Players Cup Tournament Report

October 16 & 17, 2021

Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Newport's autumn arena competition season commenced with a heated battle between five teams vying for the annual Player's Cup on October 16 & 17, 2021.  Seasoned players along with Rookie of the Year contenders formed their legions, while random draw designated opponents for the semi-final rounds.  Unseasonably warm temperatures and clear, bluebird skies set the stage for an exciting contest at Newport Polo's private outdoor arena.


POLOMBIA (Yellow): Peter Jenkins #1, Leo Mejia #2, Felipe Rojas #3

SAVAGE (Blue): Liz Pytka #1, Minnie Keating #2, Chris Fragomeni #3

GALLOPING GROOMS (Purple): Catie Reed #1, Anna Dwyer / Hanalei Streuli #2, Teghan Torry #3, Ellie Goodfriend ALT

THE AVERY (Maroon): Leslie Streuli #1, Touba Ghadessi #2, Dan Keating #3

CHUKKA KHAN (Green): Abby McElroy #1, Juan Vargas #2, Hannah Cope #3, Nichole Dusang ALT

October 16: Semi-Final 1 & 2

Polombia faced Savage in the four-chukker Semi-Final 1 to earn the first berth in the Sunday Championship.  The teams were evenly matched at the high-scoring start with each side accumulating 7 goals apiece by half-time.  Strong plays for goal conversions continued through chukker 3 until Savage let loose to take a 4 goal lead.  Scores climbed to rare heights as the epic duel neared its conclusion.  Polombia racked up 14 points by the conclusion, but the Savage onslaught earned the team 19 goals and a place in the Championship.

Semi-final 2 played out as a whirlwind round-robin with Galloping Grooms vs. The Avery vs. Chukka Khan in two chukker bouts, vying for the second position in the Championship round.  Galloping Grooms put the pedal down to surge past The Avery in chukker 1.  The Avery made a steady comeback, drawing within a point of the Grooms who still managed to stay on top, 6 - 5.  Winners' privilege gave Galloping Grooms a break while The Avery stayed up to face Chukka Khan in round two.  Chukka Khan didn't seem to inherit its namesake's mind-reading ability as The Avery opened an early lead that turned into a 10 - 4 blowout.  Finally, Galloping Grooms returned to face Chukka Khan in the final round.  This time, Chukka Khan showed they Ain't Nobody, and came Through the Fire, like a Hot Butterfy, leading from the start for a 5 - 3 win.  Defeat in the final round left Galloping Grooms and The Avery tied for wins & losses, sending the decision to net goals, where The Avery won handily to secure its place in the Championship.

October 16: Consolation & Championship

Runners-up from Semi Final Games 1 & 2, PolombiaGalloping Grooms, and Chukka Khan returned for a six chukker round-robin consolation match on day two to capture a podium finish.  Polombia was first up to face the Galloping Grooms in round one.  The Grooms had difficulty taming their rivals, while Polombia surged ahead to win 5 - 1.  Next, Chukka Khan tangled with Galloping Grooms where the Khans bested the Grooms, 5 - 4 but one goal awarded to the Grooms for the handicap difference resulted in a tied round at 5-all.  The fiery finale brought back round-one winner Polombia against Chukka Khan for the bronze.  Four-goals apiece in the first chukker made an admirable start.  Then, Chukka Khan lost its magic and Polombia pulled ahead to cement its 3rd place overall finish.

Final glory came down to the Championship contest between Semi-Final 1 winner Savage and Semi-Final 2 Winner The AverySavage lived up to the name with relentless attacks that opened up a 3 point lead.  The Avery managed to tame the beast, getting two goals to trail by a point, 3 - 2.  Savage's brutish charge continued in chukker 2 with another three goal rally, only briefly stayed by a single score for The Avery.  Then, the monster was really unleashed in chukker 3 when Savage accumulated 7 more goals while The Avery languished.  The Avery finally tamed Savage by outscoring them in the last chukker, but it came far too late.  Savage took the top podium position, 15 - 7.

Players convened arena-side for prize giving where the perpetual silver loving cup trophy was awarded to Savage for making a clean sweep of the competition, along with individual player cups brimming with champagne.

View the photo album on Facebook.  Cover Photo by John Lincourt Photography.

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