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2020 Holiday Letter

From Newport Polo President, Dan Keating.

Date: Thursday, December 17, 2020

Dear Friends of Newport Polo,

When the Coronavirus struck the US in late winter, built momentum in March and led to widespread closures and lockdowns in April, there was great doubt about the start of the polo season.  The jeopardy of our 29th season also threatened our viability for future years, as it would have necessitated large-scale divestiture of horses, landholdings, and equipment among other costly components that are vital to producing the Newport International Polo Series. 

But, with the patience of our fans and supporters, the guts and determination of our staff, and the understanding of our players, who would have worn a suit of armor in order to play, we were able to keep calm and polo on, to eventually play every match in our 2020 schedule, safely, to the joy and satisfaction of a capacity audience and all involved.

Now, with the optimism of the vaccine cavalry on the march, we look forward to celebrating our 30th year of competition.  I could not have imagined in 1992 what the Polo Series has become, and what it has meant to so many people through the years.  I am truly blessed and honored by all the participation, from the players, who have traveled from all parts of the world, to our devoted staff who show up, even in less than ideal weather, and our loyal patrons who continue to support us year after year.

During this holiday season, I will reflect on the blessings this has given my family and I, and bid everyone in our polo family around the world very Happy Holidays, good health and warmest wishes.

Dan Keating

Newport Polo President, Dan Keating

President, Newport Polo