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You're Invited for Après Polo

International Match Celebrations

Date:    Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The fun doesn't end once the match is over, it just begins!  Join the teams for culturally inspired Après Polo festivities, with a sparkling lineup following each international match in Season XXVII.  Tickets are available for the events by clicking each link, or visiting the Schedule/Tickets page.  Cash Bar.  Polo match tickets sold separately.

The season opens on June 2 with USA vs. Poland and a Bialowieza Forest Boar Roast to round out the weekend.  Poland's hunting traditions made fruits of the forest a staple for special celebrations.  Enjoy succulently roasted boar (farm fresh suckling pig) with beloved Polish sides & dessert expertly prepared for the teams after a hard-fought match. 



Break bread with the Scotish Polo Team over a hearty Scottish Stovie following USA vs. Scotland on June 16th.  Songs and flavors of Scotland abound in the long twilight of early summer.  100% haggis-free.



After the Italian steeds have retired for the evening, Amici Riuniti brings the teams together for a fraternal celebration and Italian summer buffet following USA vs. Italy on July 7th, for a savory authentic conclusion to the match, prepared by local favorite Pasta Beach.



The perennial favorite Asado Lamb Roast brings the international polo tradition to Newport following USA vs. Ireland on July 21st.  Enjoy fork-lore, as tender lamb is slow roasted in the Argentine style with chimichurri sauce and sides.  The Asado has become part of polo culture the world over, shared with beloved Irish kinsmen.



Not to be missed, join the annual sell-out New England Lobsterbake, rounding out the Gala weekend, following USA vs. Morocco on August 4th.  The freshest local seafood & produce will be cooked to perfection field-side by McGrath Clambakes over hot coals under a bed of fresh, local seaweed.



The tradition of 'Jerk' arose from the Jamaican struggle for independence, when a group of Jamaican slaves called the "maroons" fled into the Blue mountains, evading British troops, creating marinades from the mountain fauna.  Today, that legacy lives on in the nation's most recognized flavors.  Indulge in succulent jerk-seasoned meats, traditional side dishes, and dessert at the Jamaican Jerk Grill, following USA vs. Jamaica on August 18th.



For the prolific seafaring nation, and Après Polo event worthy of a twist and shout.  Join the teams following USA vs. England for the Twist & Shout Shellfish Bonanza throwdown on September 1.  The freshest local lobster, mussels, and sides all steamed to perfect by the legendary McGrath Clambakes for a scrummy Labor Day weekend feast.



Catch Masala Fever with the Indian Polo Team following USA vs. India on September 15th.  The Après Polo finale features the best flavors of India for a sensory adventure fit for royalty, with traditional dishes expertly prepared.



In its 27 year span, including this season, the Polo Series will have hosted teams from 34 countries.  The visiting teams enjoy the best of our local hospitality and warm welcome from the polo audience.  The Après Polo tradition extends that goodwill and invites everyone to participate in the merry-making with the guests of honor, a long-standing tradition that is not to be missed.