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Overseas Report: Destination Jamaica

Date:    Sunday, April 2, 2017

Team USA made a mid-winter escape to the evergreen island of Jamaica, for an extended weekend of polo competition and a healthy dose of Jamaican hospitality.  Players including Jim DeAngelis, Sam Clemens, Dan Keating, and Peter Friedman visited the Caribbean island nation's reputed polo clubs, receiving a warm welcome from friendly rivals that participate in the Polo Series's annual USA vs Jamaica match in August.

In a locale where polo is played year round, the USA squad faced a tough challenge, with damp winter weather conditions at home rusting the players over, and little opportunity to condition for the match.  The Jamaicans were kind enough to loan their best horses to the visiting team, giving the players a leg up on the field.  With more youth and peak season fitness on their side, the Jamaicans carried their summer Polo Series win to another victory on their home turf at St. Ann and Kingston Polo Clubs.

Between matches, the team was treated to sumptuous jerk seasoned meats, fruits of the land and sea, warm Jamaican hospitality and fun adventure, exploring the stunning north coast with stops at the new Chukka Good Hope adventure park and world renown Dunne's River Falls, and enjoyed the camaraderie of long-time Jamaican brethren.

The ever popular Jamaican Polo Team will return to Newport on August 19th, for the annual USA tour and competition during the Newport International Polo Series.